Jaran of the Dotharl

The Black Mech of Illsabard

"I have one single aspiration. Everything else is irrelevant."

Mateus Server


  • Name: Jaran of the Dotharl

  • Aliases: The Black Mech of Illsabard, Jaran of the Hidden Abyss

  • Age: Late Twenties

  • Race: Au Ra, Xaela

  • Gender: Female

  • Place of Birth: Azim Steppe

  • Nameday: 11th Sun of the 4th Astral Moon

  • Deity: Nhaama, the Dusk Mother

  • Sexual Preference: Pansexual

  • Alignment: True Neutral

  • Occupation: Magitek Engineer


An apathetic woman of laidback attitude and disposition, Jaran is a Magitek Engineer currently in her late twenties, whose path was one riddled with struggles for survival. Hailing from the Azim Steppe as the 4th life of the soul known as "Jaran", a chance event led her into leaving the Steppe and travel to the Empire, with a passion for engineering burning vibrantly within her body.

Soon coming to face the realities of Garlemald's xenophobia and exploitation, Jaran carved a path of criminality for herself, her resourcefulness, tactical acumen, professionality, and talent for both engineering and subterfuge winning her infamy across the Empire and its underworld, becoming widely known as the "Black Mech of Illsabard".

After several years on the run, Jaran came to settle down within Eorzea, desiring to turn a new leaf, to live and practice engineering without concerns of hatred and persecution or the Empire's shadow looming over her person. Thus she devotes every moment of her life to such, becoming an entrepreneur and an ardent advocate of Magitek, ever eager to show Eorzea the wonders of the future, using her trademark smirk, a sarcastic quip, and a "generous" offer.

Yet, Jaran has already left her dark mark, for while her talent as an engineer is uncontestable, her skills as an infiltrator and saboteur are also second to none. Thus, she still operates within the fringes of the law, lending her skills to the highest bidder, promising nothing less than absolute success in her task...as long as she is paid.

RP Hooks:

  • Jaran is an outcast within the Steppe, the legacy left by her past lives plus her preferred methods of warfare winning few friends in her own tribe and a multitude of enemies from the others.

  • For a number of years, Jaran worked in Ilsabard as an illegal engineer and wetwork operative, acquiring connections with diverse members of resistance cells, underworld agents, corrupt or simply more lenient Officers from the Empire.

  • As a burgeoning Magitek Engineer with an established workshop, Jaran takes commissions and orders from whoever has need of her services. If someone has an idea, requires maintenance of equipment, or need a particular kind of product, she provides.

OOC Info:

  • My times are EST. While I often RP in the late evenings, I can also RP in the late afternoon/early evenings with proper scheduling.

  • Although my preferred venue of RP is in-game, RPing through discord is perfectly acceptable as well.

  • Open for most kinds of RP, as long as some OOC chatting comes first.

  • Looking for long-term RP contacts!